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Per Year
Position range in Rockingham County $50k - $86k Per Year
Logistics Analyst HIGHLAND FORWARDING INC Occupation: Logistics Analysts
Location: Londonderry, NH - 03053 Positions available: 1
Job #: 101261
Updated: 6/23/2015 Expires: 6/22/2015
Source: NHWorks Job Match Site: NHWorks Job Match

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Logistics Analyst (Londonderry, NH) to analyze and coordinate logistics operations for global transportation. Review and recommend improvements to existing logistics processes. Establish task priorities, schedule and track freight movement and ensure the availability of resources. Develop and maintain models for estimating cost and forecasting demand. Develop and implement project management tools including plans, schedules, and responsibility and compliance matrices. Monitor activities related to coordination of shipment from origin to destination ensuring safe, economical and timely delivery. Review logistics procedures and requirements from clients, including targets, benchmarks and service agreements. Evaluate freight classifications, tariff rates, schedules and deadlines to ensure organizational effectiveness, capacity utilization, cost containment, and customer satisfaction. Collaborate with other departments as necessary to meet customer requirements to take advantage of sales opportunities and to minimize negative impacts on business. Effectively communicate and coordinate with shippers, consignees, agents, carriers and transportation partners. Compile necessary logistics data and prepare reports on the results of analysis recommending improvement in freight rates and services. Require Bachelor's degree & 2 yrs experience. Resume to HR, Highland
Forwarding, Inc. 6A Kitty Hawk Landing, Suite 200, Londonderry, NH 03053.

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Salary Range: $52,749.00 (minimum) Will discuss with applicant Not Available Other Benefits: Not Available Full or Part Time: Full Time (30 Hours or More) Job Duration: Over 150 Days Type of Job: Regular
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  Logistics Analysts
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